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Line up of Taurox Breakers


Taurox's hydraulic excavator breakers are designed to provide efficiencies, minimize machine wear and improve productivity. Our hydraulic hammers are effective for a range of applications, including rock, concrete and slab breaking, road, sidewalk and curb construction, demolitions, excavations, and more.

Hammer Features:

  • Available for 1 – 60 Ton machines
  • Shock Absorbing Design
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty
  • Meets ISO 9001 Standards
  • Parts Available

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Carrier Weight: 1-3 ton
Operating Weight: 280lbs
Oil Flow Range: 5-8 gpm
Op. Pressure: 1310-1740 psi
Impact Rate: 700-1200 bpm
Chisel Diameter: 1.75 inches


Carrier Weight: 2-5 ton
Operating Weight: 335lbs
Oil Flow Range:  7-13 gpm
Op. Pressure: 1310-1740 psi
Impact Rate: 600-1100 bpm
Chisel Diameter: 2 inches


Carrier Weight: 4-7 ton
Operating Weight: 650lbs
Oil Flow Range:  11-18 gpm
Op. Pressure: 1600-2030 psi
Impact Rate: 500-900 bpm
Chisel Diameter: 2.75 inches


Carrier Weight: 6-9 ton
Operating Weight: 830lbs
Oil Flow Range:  3-24 gpm
Op. Pressure: 1740-2180 psi
Impact Rate: 400-800 bpm
Chisel Diameter: 2.75 inches


Carrier Weight: 7 - 14 ton
Operating Weight: 1260lbs
Oil Flow Range:  16-26 gpm
Op. Pressure: 1890-2320 psi
Impact Rate: 400-800 bpm
Chisel Diameter: 3.3 inches


Carrier Weight: 1-16 ton
Operating Weight: 1900lbs
Oil Flow Range:  21-29 gpm
Op. Pressure: 2180-2470 psi
Impact Rate: 350-700 bpm
Chisel Diameter: 4 inches


Carrier Weight: 16-22 ton
Operating Weight: 3310lbs
Oil Flow Range:  6-40 gpm
Op. Pressure: 2320-2610 psi
Impact Rate: 350-600 bpm
Chisel Diameter: 5.2 inches


Carrier Weight: 20-29 ton
Operating Weight: 4025lbs
Oil Flow Range:  32-48 gpm
Op. Pressure: 2320 - 2610 psi
Impact Rate: 350-500 bpm
Chisel Diameter: 6.1 inches


Carrier Weight: 30-40 ton
Operating Weight: 5810lbs
Oil Flow Range:  47-63 gpm
Op. Pressure: 2320-2610 psi
Impact Rate: 300-450 bpm
Chisel Diameter:  6.1 inches


Carrier Weight: 35-45 ton
Operating Weight: 6285lbs
Oil Flow Range:  53-69 gpm
Op. Pressure: 2320-2610 psi
Impact Rate: 250-400 bpm
Chisel Diameter: 6.1 inches


Carrier Weight: 45-60 ton
Operating Weight: 8795lbs
Oil Flow Range: 55-77 gpm
Op. Pressure: 2320-2610 psi
Impact Rate: 200-350 bpm
Chisel Diameter: 7 inches